Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jobs on Guam

I was checking to see how many federal jobs are available on Guam and, surprisingly, there were over 3,000 results after typing in the word “Guam” as a location. But refining the search to “Guam” as the keyword, and "Agana" as the city with a search radius of 60 miles (covering the entire island), produced a different result: 36 Guam specific jobs.

Among the federal jobs: Mandarin teacher with U.S. DOD, office automation clerk, electronics engineer, and fire protection, among others.
turned up 13 results, but six were Army National Guard enlistment teasers.

Some other sources:
Pacific Daily News listed about 35 jobs, many in the travel related area.

Interesting find on PDN: The American Red Cross is looking for
an emergency services director.

University of Guam always
has a fair number of jobs.

Great link collection to various government sites here

Guam Department of Labor has resources and links.


Anonymous said...


First off, great blog and fantastic topic. I have contemplating the move from DC to Guam for some time. I am a Federal IT guy and was looking to get about as far away as possible, Guam seemed to fit the bill.

One note on the USAJobs site on, most of those listings are "cattle calls" and not specific to the island. Navy and Air Force (and now CDP apparantly) use this tactic the most.

Looking forward to reading more of the posts, and keep up the good work.


kob said...

Mike, Thanks --
Good luck on your relocation planning. I'll be updating and work to improve the job link listing.

Kat said...

Thanks Kob. I too have been researching jobs on Guam over the past several months and am back on island for my 2nd trip still searching and getting a bit frustrated, frankly.

My goal has been to get a job as a civilian with the military. The site which you mention provides some interesting jobs but refers you to the Navy's civilian hiring website, which is an impossible site to navigate. They don't update their security certificates and make creating an account and applying for positions very difficult. I finally bypassed the site altogether & wrote to the Rear Admiral of the entire Marianas region himself stating that I would like to be of assistance to his command and thanked him for his willingness to pass my materials along to the appropriate person. Luckily his office was next door to the Navy's legal offices and the lead general counsel called me. I came to Guam and met with him in early May
(3 months ago). Because of bureaucratic red tape, the position best suited for me has still not opened even though it was thought to become available in 30 days.

In the interim, I went to the DOD site you mention and applied for a job with the local government. The closing date for that position was yesterday so we shall see if something comes of that.

I have an application sitting here for any position with the resort that I am staying and am contemplating submitting it just to get something to keep me busy.

The long and the short of it is that it appears to be easier for teachers, health care providers and engineers to get jobs in Guam than for lawyers.

Best of luck with your blog and I will certainly send any new job sites that I find.

Anonymous said...

I've Been searching for work on Guam and sooner or later something is going to happen, but getting the inside scoop is tough. The contractors for the Navy career sites are quiet. If anyone has any tips, write in. Thanks Paul

Katie said...

Good morning,

IBM has been contracted by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to help them measure the speed and accuracy of mail delivery. We are testing in the Barrigada area, and we are looking for local residents willing to participate.

Participants will be dropping off letters, provided by IBM, at USPS mailboxes close to their home or work. Every so often, participants will send letters from different mailbox locations in the Barrigada area. The test letters is received by thousands of Test Mail Reporters across Guam and the United States.

It only takes a few minutes per mailing and participants will receive payment of $24.00 for each bundle of letters mailed. No experience is necessary; however, participants must meet the following minimum criteria:

• Be at least 18 years old
• Have a cell phone
• Participants cannot be employed by the USPS or any company that delivers letters or packages
• Participants cannot work for the media (newspaper, radio, TV)

If you or anyone you know is interested in participating, please call Katie Leegan at 1-800-688-0330. My office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm EST. The TTMS office is located in Springfield, Virginia and due to the time difference, we would be happy to correspond through email at

Thank you in advance for your help in IBM's Transit Time Measurement Study!

Many Thanks,
Katie Leegan

Anonymous said...

I work for American Hospital Services Group LLC- we're a government contractor and have a wonderful opportunity at the Naval base in Guam.

We're looking for a board certified and residency trained FP Physician to work in a 1-3 year civilian contract job on base helping the enlisted & their dependents.

For more info- Please contact Alison at 800-872-8626 x261 or or check out our website